Mission & Beliefs


To create a life-giving community of changed lives through the love of God and faith in Jesus Christ.

We exist to:

Expose everyone we come in contact with to the unconditional love of God

Challenge everyone to accept a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and think about their life after death experience

Encourage everyone to have the confidence that God is for them, not against them

Provide everyone a life giving, knowledge-based, and exciting church experience they will want to return to

Offer everyone an opportunity to open their lives to something bigger than themselves


Faith is what makes relationship with God possible

Prayer is a committed lifestyle for the believer 

Obedience means the Holy Spirit leads and guides us by divine inspiration 

Christ-centered ideas and attitudes fuel Summit Church

People matter to God, so people matter to us

Contributing and serving, not just consuming, is what we are called to do

Healthy relationships strengthen Summit’s faith community because you can’t do life alone

Growth and influence create changed lives that point to God’s love

Future generations are embraced through effective change 

Honoring God is giving our best to God because He gave His best for us